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Care for your back pain from a Fort Myers Chiropractor - Part 1 of 2

Written By SWFL Spinal Care on October 9, 2012

Care for your back pain from a Fort Myers Chiropractor - Part 1 of 2


Many, many people suffer from back pain each year.  In spite of this, there are still a lot of rumors being spread about how to appropriately manage back pain.  Following are some common myths about back pain - and then the truth.


Myth:  Back pain is a fact of life for most people - learn to live with it.


Truth:  Just because back pain is common does not mean that it is normal.  An estimated 80% of the population will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.  And yet, despite this prevalence, few understand how to avoid back pain in the first place.  To prevent back pain (either initially or from recurring), you must look at your daily activities and determine problem areas that could lead to fatigue of the body's muscles.  Prolonged sitting or standing with poor posture, improper lifting habits, unusual activity without adequate warm up or experience, and many other unwise activities can lead to back pain.

There is obviously no way to predict accidents that cause back pain, but there are ways to minimize the likelihood that an accident will occur - wear non-slip shoes; avoid long hours of standing, sitting, or sleeping in unhealthy postures; drive defensively; and use appropriate ladders (not boxes, chairs or stools) when reaching for high places.


Common Sense:  For more detailed information on preventing back pain - especially as it applies to you - talk to your Doctor of Chiropractic.


Myth:  The only thing to do for back pain is to take a pain reliever and/or hope and wait for it to go away.


Truth:  Though a majority of back pain cases are caused by fairly simple problems, some causes of back pain are very serious.  For example, if you have back pain that worsens if you sneeze, cough, or laugh; is not relieved by lying flat on your back with your knees supported; is accompanied by tingling, numbness, or weakness in any other body area (legs, arms, etc.), or if you are also vomiting or feverish, you may have a disc problem, or other type of spinal injury that requires IMMEDIATE CARE.


If this is your first experience with back pain, if pain is becoming a more frequent occurrence, or if you have been involved in an accident (whether at work, in a car, or at play) you should seek chiropractic care to rule out an injury that could worsen and probably lead to chronic problems.  In situations where you are unsure of the cause (such as when your back suddenly “locks up” although you can't think of why), it is often helpful to have an expert in back pain help you determine the factors that led to your condition.


Common Sense:  Seeking chiropractic care will help you to understand how daily activities can affect your back, will help you to make more educated decisions when it comes to your back health, and will also begin to relieve pain by addressing the cause(s) of your pain.


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