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Care for your back pain from a Fort Myers Chiropractor - Part 2 of 2

Written By SWFL Spinal Care on October 11, 2012

Care for your back pain from a Fort Myers Chiropractor - Part 2 of 2

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So many people suffer from back pain each year.  In spite of this, there are still a lot of suggestions, and profitable contraptions about how to appropriately manage back pain.  The following are some common myths about back pain that I have noticed while in practice - and then the truth.


Myth:  There is no research to support that chiropractic helps back pain.


Truth:  Not true.  In 1994, the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, an arm of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, released a clinical practice guideline for health care providers that discussed the validity of common treatments for low back pain.  The researchers who developed the guidelines compared the amount and quality of research available for these common treatments and then determined which treatments had sufficient research to justify effectiveness and use.  Spinal manipulation - the mode of treatment used almost exclusively by chiropractors - was one of only two options (27 treatments were studied) with enough science to show its effectiveness and justify its use.  And this was in 1994.  Chiropractic has continued to research the various forms of spinal and extremity adjustment so that today there is even more evidence supporting its use.


Common Sense:  Chiropractic has been an organized profession for over 100 years.  Its effectiveness and usefulness has been and continues to be demonstrated on a daily basis as evidenced by the many people who use it.  Chiropractic has truly withstood the test of time and research.


Myth:  Spinal adjustments and/or manipulation can be performed by anyone, even uncle Fred or my coach.


Truth:  Because the spinal adjustment is non-invasive, drug-less, and is associated with very few side effects, people often assume that they can be administered by anyone.  There is a forgotten step however - one of the reasons that adjustments are considered safe is because they are performed by well-educated and trained Doctors of Chiropractic and are performed only after a thorough examination of the patient has been done to ensure that the technique to be used isn't potentially harmful.  In other words, you should NEVER allow an unqualified person to adjust your spine (or any other joint).  Chiropractors are educated in mechanics of the spine and the entire body, as well as the many techniques available for manipulation.  A chiropractic examination may include palpation (examination by touch); personal health history; imaging studies, such as x-rays, CT scans, MRIs (if clinically necessary); neurological and orthopedic tests; and other diagnostic tools.  Only after this examination will your Doctor of Chiropractic choose an adjustment technique that is best suited for your condition and you.


Common Sense:  Your spine is an area of the body that should be taken seriously.  Do you really want to let an unqualified person mess with it?


Myth:  Once pain is gone, treatment is over.


Truth:  It is very important that you keep all appointments and follow all of the doctor's recommendations to increase the likelihood of a complete recovery and lessen the likelihood of re-injury or recurrence.  If your Doctor of Chiropractic finds that another type of care would better fit your needs, he or she will make the appropriate referral.  Chiropractic treatment addresses the cause(s) of your pain NOT just the symptom(s).


Common Sense:  It is your health - do all that you can to actively participate in it.  Your Doctor of Chiropractic is there to help you make educated decisions.  Be sure to ask all questions that you have.



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