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Fort Myers Chiropractor on FaceBook

Written By SWFL Spinal Care on June 4, 2012

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You work hard, at the end of the day your back hurts. When your back hurts, you wish there were two of you. When you wish there were two of you, you try to clone yourself. When you clone yourself it creeps people out. Don’t creep people out because of back pain. Just call a chiropractor. HELP LINE: 590-9555


Air bags are like soft pillows when you crash, yeah right!

A butterfly lands on your shoulder and causes you to jump. When you jump, you tweak your neck and your head gets stuck to the side. When your head gets stuck to the side, your Facebook friends make fun of you. When your friends make fun of you, you assign your humiliation anxiety to all butterflies and develop a butterfly phobia. Don’t be scared of a little butterfly, see a chiropractor for your tweaked neck. HELP LINE: 590-9555

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