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Putting Safety First

Written By SWFL Spinal Care on August 1, 2012

Are you putting safety first?

As a health-care provider, I often treat those who have been involved in auto accidents and traumatic injuries, I am very conscious of safety issues that pertain to me and my family. However, I consistently see people who ignore basic safety precautions and make choices that increase the likelihood of serious injury to themselves and to the ones they love. This concerns me greatly, so I hope that you will read this article objectively and always consider your safety and the safety of others as a serious priority.

I am perplexed at the new optional helmet law for motorcyclists. One would think that laws are made to protect the public. It baffles me to see motorcyclists who choose to ride without a helmet. This choice could turn a minor fall from loose gravel or even colliding with a small animal into a fatal collision. One motorcyclist that I have spoken to in the past made be very profound statement; he said, “There are two kinds of motorcyclists, those who have fallen and those who will fall.” After speaking to many motorcyclists, it has become very obvious to me that motorcyclists are some of the most defensive and safe drivers on the road. The only problem is that they are a very small object for other drivers to see and often becomes the victims of other driver's errors. (Note: don't search for pictures of motorcycle accidents online, the results are quite disturbing)

One issue that disturbs me the most, is to see families who allow their small children to roam, play and jump around inside of a moving vehicle. These parents, and family members have literally maximized the probability of serious bodily injury to those children under minimal circumstances of a traffic incidence. For instance, have you ever had to apply your brakes suddenly causing the groceries or your purse or briefcase to be thrown about the car? Of course you have. It happens all the time. This could easily be your child being thrown about causing serious injury or death. Yes, death or serious injury from something as simple as sudden braking to avoid a small animal or object in the road. What a tragedy that might be. Be sure and buckle-in your love ones and yourself.

Teenagers and young adults sometimes like to prop their legs up on the dashboard and even hang a foot out of the passenger window. Riding in this manner pretty much guarantees you a serious and crippling injury that will affect you for a lifetime, even during a minor auto accident. This may feel or look cool, but consider spending the rest of your life in a wheelchair or worse…

Fort Myers and LaBelle are growing rapidly, the roads become more and more dangerous. Please make safety for yourself and your love ones a priority today, and drive safely.


Dr. Rob Watkins
Chiropractic Physician

Fort Myers 590-9555
LaBelle 675-8900

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