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Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Watkins and Staff,

Adam Golf 692x1024We want to thank you for being an answer to prayer. You treated our son Adam about four weeks ago. He had been having pain for several days and thought it was jast a pulled muscle. Then he called us desperate for help. About 11:30 we were both home and we found you on the internet, as we live in Iowa City, Iowa. That is about 1400 miles from our son Adam. We were both praying to be able to help him. Your office said they would see him in a couple of hours and his college roommate drove him to your office.

As I was looking at your information on your web site, after we got the appoi

ntment, I saw that you claimed your office manager – JESUS CHRIST. My husband and I both cried and thanked God for directing us to your office. We knew He had taken care of our son. Adam is 22 years old and a student at FGCU in the Pro Golf Program and we still hurt when he is hurt. God is an awesome

God we serve, thank you for helping Adam.

As you can see in his picture, he is back in his golf game.

May you always know how much Jesus loves you. Also, may God abundantly bless your life for all you do to help hurting people.

In His Precious Name,
Steve and Carol

Before visiting Dr. Rob, I suffered from excruciating migraines almost daily. On several occasions, I even visited the emergency room because my head would swell up and the pain from the migraine headache was just unbearable! My physician tried to find answers from CAT scans and MRI’s but he could not find an explanation for the cause of my headaches. I was also prescribed daily migraine medication and still suffered. I just did not know what to do until a friend told me to try a chiropractor. I can not even find the words to express my thanks to Dr. Rob and his staff, I can now live a headache free life! Within two days of my initial adjustment, my migraines completed stopped. I did not have another headache until a month later. I could not believe the results! I now visit Dr. Rob on a regular basis and have kept the headaches away for good. – Jessica

It can be very frightening going to see a doctor when you are in pain, but Dr. Rob and his staff are so great, they make the whole experience virtually painless. The positive energy and attention I receive when I am there makes me look forward to my next visit! – Tabitha

We were in a serious auto accident in May – without Dr. Rob’s help, we would have never recovered. – Jennifer

My hip and lower back became extremely painful during the end of my pregnancy. Dr Watkins gave me so much relief! He is a blessing! – Jessica

I came in for a shoulder injury and was pleasantly surprised to experience relief for my migraines and back pain while under Dr Watkins’ care. I had been sleeping in a recliner for 3 years and now am able to sleep comfortably in my bed. – Lori

Dr. Rob Watkins was able to help correct my lower back pain that I have been suffering with for years. I was able to ride comfortably in a car for several thousand miles without my usual lower back pain. – Laura