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Migraine Headaches in Children - A Fort Myers Chiropractic Success Story

Written By SWFL Spinal Care on September 26, 2012

Migraines in the Life of a Child
By Dr. Rob Watkins - A Fort Myers and LaBelle Chiropractor
239-590-9555 and 863-675-8900


He was an average child enjoying life as a 9 year old; soccer, school, friends and family. The only flaw in this young boy's life was that he experienced severe migraine headaches on a regular basis. We're not just talking about a headache that slows you down a little and makes normal activities seem like a chore, we're talking about screaming, throbbing pain so intense that it is followed by extreme sensitivity to light and sound and continual vomiting. He was having a full-blown migraine headache.


His father being a dentist and mother, also very medically inclined, did what they knew to be best for their son. They took him to medical specialists throughout the state looking for an answer to their son's migraines. They followed various doctor's advice to try different drugs and restrict their son from dairy products, caffeine, chocolate, sugar, etc… However, nothing seemed to make a difference in the migraine headache symptoms for their son.


The migraines kept reoccurring again and again, 3 - 4 times per month requiring their son to be picked up from school, consoled through wave after wave of nausea and vomiting and then left in a very dark room to scream himself to sleep. As you can imagine, this problem was taking its toll on this 9 year old boy as well as the entire family. One day this young boy experienced yet another migraine headache. However, this time one thing was different, he happened to be at his uncle's house, a Chiropractor, who offered to see if he could help him. This was difficult for the little boy to submit to, because the last thing you want anyone to do while you are having a migraine headache is to touch your head or neck. But after some gentle persuasion, the boy allowed his uncle to examine his neck. To everyone's surprise, a misalignment in the bones of the little boy's neck was discovered. A subluxation, as it is technically known, was pinching the nerves in the little boy's neck causing interference of the nervous system and causing his migraine headaches. A few minutes later the boy allowed his uncle to adjust his neck and correct the misalignment of the bones in his neck to relieve the pressure on the nerve that was contributing to his migraine. Immediately after the adjustment, the boy realized that his migraine headache was gone. He and his parents could hardly believe that treatment could be that simple, that a pinched nerve could actually have caused that much problem and that it could be treated with a simple chiropractic adjustment to the spine.


Could this story be true? Could successful treatment for health conditions, or even migraine headaches be that simple, with chiropractic?


BELIEVE IT TO BE TRUE! - That little boy's migraine headache success story was a brief look into my own childhood. That was my personal chiropractic testimony of how a simple adjustment changed my life and somewhat changed the lives of my entire family. It impacted my life so much, that from that point on, whenever I felt that I was getting a headache, I went straight to my uncle or a Chiropractor nearby. It even inspired me to become a Chiropractor myself.


The SIMPLE TRUTH: Your body is a sophisticated organism designed to efficiently respond to illness and dysfunction on its own. When misalignments occur and pinch or put abnormal pressure on the nervous system, it can cause many symptoms of muscle pain, migraines, asthma, digestive dysfunction, etc… As a Chiropractor, I do not treat any of the above symptoms, I merely find the misalignment that is causing pressure on the nervous system and correct its alignment allowing the body to function correctly and deal with the condition as it has been designed to do. As a result of better function, symptoms begin to disappear.


Whether you have severe, life-changing problems or just occasional aches and pains, chiropractic care can change your life and allow your body to function correctly. It changed my life!


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Dr. Rob Watkins - A Fort Myers and LaBelle Chiropractor
239-590-9555 and 863-675-8900


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